30 Mar 2017

I know I haven't been posting much in here. I suck.

I've moved to London a few weeks ago. Felicia and I took some time to find an apartment and settle, but it finally happened. Now we're home. Or rather a temporary home since we might go back to the US at some point. When? Who knows, not even my company's lawyer have a clue.

So now we're back in Europe for an indefinite amount of time. I quite like it here. It's dense, it's vertically smaller and it's not as spread. I can finally take walks, first because London has real public districts with pedestrian streets, secondly because I actually feel safe here. The diversity is amazing, you hear a lot of foreign languages as you walk across the city (kind of like Paris). In my new office I often see people talking in their home dialect, or in english with their strong foreign accents. People from different races and religions co-exist. Sure in Chicago they were there, but they were sticking within their groups. Here you can actually make friends who look like they're from a totally different culture. Everyone is integrated. Of course I'm biased by my first weeks and my vision might get darker as I spend more time in these lands. But one thing that shouldn't change is how good the Asian food is in here :)

I'm still crypto'ing, although I've had a hard time finishing anything. I can say that I've read a lot and learned a lot about crypto in general but I've failed to dig deeper in one single topic. My job doesn't help since it requires me to jungle around with a lot of different concepts. I do not mind, as I still lack an understanding of a lot of things in crypto (just a few months ago was I learning for the first time about sponge constructions). One day I'll like something enough to stick with it.

In other news I bought a Nintendo Switch, and I spent quite some time playing the new Zelda (as well as SnipperClips). I don't think I've spent that much time playing in years. The last time I remember spending evenings and nights staring at my screen was when I played Counterstrike and League of Legends. I really like this console. It's portable, and so we've played it while moving to London; in the airplane and in the different Airbnbs we stayed at.

I have not much things to say. I hope life can get stable again, at least enough so that I can rest a bit (and maybe take some vacations).